1973 Image Gallery



Extra photographs beyond those I could fit onto the respective year pages










These two photographs (left and right) are of us trying to dry everything out at the Kontokali campsite. Everything was spread out on the ground or hung up on the washing line. Interestingly, the tent is minus its flysheet in both photographs, something we'd normally only do if everything inside was wet.


The tent is John's Vango Force 10, one of the toughest tents on the market at that time. He'd bought it for the 1971 trip to Greece so this was its second time in Corfu. He still has it and it's still used regularly. He was recently in contact with Vango looking for some spare parts for it and as far as they are aware it's the oldest one still in use.














































The photograph on the left is John and Sally at Rhoda beach, one of the resorts in the north of Corfu. Rhoda is one of the most popular areas on the island these days but in 1973 was very underdeveloped - dirt roads and a few cafes. Not far from Sidari, our 1971 base, it was an area of the island we hadn't visited before and a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle around the Kontakali area.














The photograph on the right is from northern Italy on the return leg. Sally and I were making our way back separately from John but despite the tent belonging to him, he'd generously lent it to the two of us for the return trip and taken his chances with the weather.


We'd not bothered looking for a campsite, just putting the tent up in a field entrance late in the evening in the expectation that we'd be gone before anyone noticed. However we'd slept longer than we'd intended and next morning the rough grass field that we'd stopped next to the previous evening had been ploughed! The farmer was just finishing when I took this photograph and gave me a wave as he passed by a minute or two later.